Julaihi bin Wahid

B.Sc., NAAB , M.Arch., PhD.

Doctor of Philosophy from University of Newcastle- England-1996

University of Science Malaysia

Dr. Julaihi B. Wahid, a professor in architecture from Malaysia, obtained Certificate of Civil Engineering in 1979 from Ungku Omar Polytechnic. In 1982 he did diploma in architecture in University of Technology Malaysia, before moving to USA where he finished his Bachelor of Architecture (NAAB) and Master of Architecture in Washington State University and Kansas State University Master respectively. Four years later, in 1992 he started PhD. research under the title Physical Changes and Their relationship to Social-Cultural Factors in Urban Housing in University of Newcastle- Newcastle Upon Tyne and received the certificate in 1996.

Dr. Julaihi has published 6 books and several research papers. His main current research areas are:

  • Housing Policy and Development
  • Urban Design, Urban Management and Urban Morphlogy
  • Architectural Technology
  • Nusantara Architecture and Sustainable Development