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Dear Researchers

Department of Architectural Engineering/University of Sulaimani in partnership with Sulaimani Polytechnic university are pleased to invite all the governmental, private, local, international institution and personnel to attend and participate in its 1st International Conference on the Development of Architecture under the theme Toward A New Local Architecture to contribute with researches and visions focusing on local architecture and relevant fields and specialties.

This conference strive to make this scientific forum a/an:

1. Appropriate environment for exchanging information and expertise on the most recent technological advancements and renowned international and regional attempts at developing local architecture.

2. Event for celebrating the authenticity of local architecture against the torrent of incoming various international architectural styles, and to make practical proposals to address the challenges and problems facing the development of local architecture.

3. Medium to emphasize the relationship between enhancing local architecture and its buildout to limit the negative architectural, economic and social effects. Also to suggest long-term plans and visions to rejuvenate local architecture especially in Iraqi Kurdistan.

4. Occasion to shed light on legislations, policies and successful projects in the field of local architecture through strengthening the relationship between international institutions and different universities interested in this particular field.

5. Strengthening the role of architectural departments in disseminating awareness concerning the importance of local architecture by making it an integrated part in their academic curricula.

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DEADLINE was : 25 July 2018