1. Submitted researches will be peer reviewed by prominent professors in the topics of the conference.

2. A number of the contributions will be presented in conference sessions and others through poster presentations.

3. Submitted researches must be pertinent to one of the topics of the conference, the researcher is required to specify the topic that encompasses his/her scientific contribution.

4. Submitted researches must not be published or currently under consideration for publication by other institutions and have to be original and not extracted from other theses, dissertations or prior researches.

5. Contribution are accepted both in English and Arabic languages.

6. Contributions must conform to standards and qualities of scientific research.

7. Contributions must be well written in clear language and spell checked.

8. Three copies must be submitted for each full paper.

9. Contribution must be sent as a word document (conforming to the requirements of Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences in which the full papers will be published later) to the official email address of the conference ([email protected]) addressing the contribution to the general supervisor of the conference (Once your paper been accepted, you will be emailed to submit the full paper).

10. The Full paper must not exceed 15 A4 pages including references and appendices. The pages must be numbered. Please note that for each additional page after 15 an extra 10000 IQD will be charged.

11. The main text should be single-column

12. Use font (Times New Roman) size 12 points for English contributions and (Simple Arabic) size 12 points for Arabic contributions, single spaced lines.

13. Contributions must be written in a computer medium, double space between paragraphs. Write the paragraphs in 12 point size and the paragraph headings in Bold 14 point size. For margins use 3.5 cm for right and left and 2.5 cm for top and bottom.

14. The first page of the paper must contain full title, author(s) name, academic titles, name of the conference and the organizing institutions and the Abstract.

15. The abstract that must be limited to 300 words and 3 to 6 keywords

16. References page(s), Appendices and nomenclatures must be placed at the end of the paper.

17. All illustrations are called Figures and should be referred to as `Figure'. Figure parts are referenced as Fig. 1(a) or (Fig. 1a). Figures should be numbered serially and should appear in text in order.

18. Field photography must contain a scale.

19. References to tables in text should appear as Table 2. Each table should have a brief descriptive title set above the body of the table. Tables should appear in the text in order.

20. Researchers are required to fill in the registration form with a short CV outlining his/her academic and practical experience then attach it to the abstract that must be limited to 300 words and 3 to 6 keywords. (Skip this step only If you have filled the Abstract Submission Form)

21. Proceedings will be published by the scientific committee of the conference in a special edition of Sulaimani Journal for Engineering Sciences which is issued by the Faculty of Engineering in University of Sulaimani/Iraqi Kurdistan.