Dr. Rasem Jamal Badran

Winner of Aga Khan Award for Architecture 1995

Architect and Urban Planner. Dar Al-Omran co-Founder partner 1979. Obtained PhD. in Architecture from Darmstadt University of Technology, West Germany.

Rasem Badran who graduated in Architecture from the Former West Germany in the late sixties, inherited and Steamed his talent from his father, a well-known Islamic Artist in the Middle East.

Rasem was gifted in the ability of utilizing his inherited skills with the modern science of Architecture to breath life into the long forgotten Islamic Rich Architecture. For this, he is recognized in the Middle East as the Reference Encyclopedia of Modern Islamic Architecture. His magnificent achievements are very much evident throughout the Middle East, and well recognized worldwide.

During his study in Germany he was very active and futuristic in his design approach. Some of his study projects have been published in the late sixties in Europe. In early seventies he was involved professionally in many prestigious projects in West Germany such as Munich Olympic Stadium Complex and others before he coming back to Jordan to explore the hidden values of the local culture.

Badran’s works are based on a methodological approach in defining Architecture as a continuous dialogue between contemporary needs and historical inherited cultural values. In 1979 established Dar Al-Omran as a co-founding partner.

In recognition of Badran's contribution to Architecture related to local heritage of different regions, MIT and Harvard University have accepted post graduate students to submit researches on Badran's work, for Master's and PhD degrees. Badran was elected as permanent member in the Academic Council for the international Academy of Architecture (I.A.A) in Sophia, to replace Hassan Fathi.

Harvard University Candidated him to chair position as a professor for architecture, urban design and landscape – for Muslims Society.

Received the Honorary PhD in Architectural Design from the University of Science and Technology in Jordan for his advancement of Architectural Theory & Practice. Since 2007, he is a member of Great Amman Municipality Council.